Kirkland Minoxidil Extra Strength for Men Hair Regrowth Solution – 1 Month

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kirkland signature minoxodil topical solution usp 5% is for men who have a general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp (vertex only). minoxidil has been show to regrow hair in men with low to moderate hair loss. please see images for a diagram to determine if this product will treat the degree of your hair loss.


This extra-strength hair loss treatment for men from Kirkland Signature contains a one-month supply of Minoxidil. The topical USP five-percent solution regrows more hair than the two-percent formula and is appropriate for all hair types. This product aims to help regrow hair that’s thinning at the top of the scalp, and results can appear within two months for consistent use.

Product Key Features
• Size Standard Size

• Hair Type All Hair Types

• Active Ingredients Minoxidil

• Department Men, Adult

• Hair Color Shade Black

• Formulation Conditioner

• Features All Natural Ingredients, Hypoallergenic, Contains Sun Protection, Alcohol Free, Perfume-Free, Contains Minerals, Contains Glycolic Acid, Cruelty-Free/No Animal Testing, Extra/Maximum Strength, Fair Trade, Ammonia-Free, Dye-Free
• Type Hair Growth Liquid

• Product Line Minoxidil


Volume 60ml ( 1 Bottle )

Additional information

Weight 100 g

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