Pure C8 MCT Oil – Ketosource – 500 ml

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A ketone-boosting oil to add to drinks or take straight. Formulated to help anyone with ketosis and perfectly suited to those following a keto diet and fasting. But works with any diet.

4 X Ketone Boost

◉ C8 MCT creates 4 X ketones versus other MCTs like C10 and C12.

◉ Mixed MCT oils contain a mix of MCTs including C8, C10 and C12.
◉ Because mixed MCT oils contain less C8, they boost ketone levels by less.

99%+ Pure C8 MCT Oil

Tested by Independent Labs

100% Coconut Sourced


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Ketone Support

  • Ketone Boost: Boosts Ketones into Appetite Reduction Ketosis Range Within 1 Hour. 4X Ketone Boost versus Other MCTs.
  • Carb Content: 0g Per Bottle

Purity Standards

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